eBook Review: Craft & Vision’s “Vision Is Better II” by David duChemin

Despite consistently writing 80-100 page ebooks on a given subject, it seems like Craft & Vision’s authors are never done with the subject so follow-up books seem to be an eventuality. Just take a look at the ebook bundles in the sidebar of my blog and you will get my point. Not that I am complaining, not even a bit. The reality is that any topic related to photography (or pretty much anything else for that matter) cannot be tied up in the context of a book of any kind. Especially when you are talking about the creative process for a photographer. Something so deeply personal does not have an easy to-do list or roadmap to follow. That kind of learning and understanding is not an event, but a process which will continue as long as you are open to it.

Review of Vision is Better II, Free the Mind, Free the Camera. Again

by David duChemin

It is interesting that after all this time, author David duChemin has come back to add to the ebook (now series) Vision Is Better. This was the first ebook released on Craft & Vision, and arguably contained the vision for the entire Craft & Vision brand. The first book consisted of 50 different articles from his blog, pixelatedimage.com/blog. This second book follows the same kind of format with a mix of 44 published and unpublished blog posts woven together into a compelling and moving human interest piece, that also challenges each of its readers to aspire for more.

To read this book is to be invited into his living room (which currently is his new Jeep “Emily”) as he talks about his life, his trials, his darkest moments. It is captivating and deeply personal, shockingly personal at times. I honestly aspire to write like this one day. Honestly we all go through our own experiences that have profound significance for us, all we need is the courage to share them. While I cannot identify with his life circumstances, I can identify with the emotional impact the have and how it relates to my own.

No one post touched me more than “Life Is Short”. Hopefully I have the courage one day to share why.

As I am sitting here trying figure out how to describe the layout and flow of the book, as I normally try to do, I have literally spent the last 20 minutes staring at the screen and thinking about what I have just read. I decided that this time I am going to deviate from my normal structure, and spend the time that I have
“saved” to read it again. Instead  I will jump straight to the summary:

My Recommendations:

If you do not want to be challenged, all the way down to your core, don’t buy this book. If you don’t want to be called out on an over-reliance on gear instead of vision, don’t by this book. If you don’t want to be challenged to “Do The Work” or accept that “You’re On Your Own”, don’t buy this book. If you do want any of that then buy the book and strap yourself in, and challenge yourself with the really hard questions. The process will change you, if you let it.

Thank You David for an amazingly moving piece of writing. I for one, and the photography community are better for it.


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