eBook Review: Craft & Vision’s “Exposure For Outdoor Photography”

The first content that captured my attention as a photographer was outdoor landscapes, so any discussion of the subject has my attention.

Review of “Exposure for Outdoor Photography”

by Michael Frye

A have been of the case study method of instruction in ebooks, simply because many concepts can be too difficult to conceptualize without examples. The introduction sets the tone of the book by saying that the most essential skill for a photographer to master is exposure. It appears as though this section of the ebook will lean a bit more to “Craft” than to “Vision”.

While not broken into formal sections, or a table of contents, the ebook does establish its own flow. The first grouping of topics address the components of proper exposure, the concept of the Exposure Triangle. This may not be required reading for all, but it is well done and will be of benefit to many readers.

The rest of the first grouping of non-case study teachings focus on the Metering Modes of your camera, understanding the Histogram, and understanding how to handle high contrast scenes. This may not be required reading for all, but sets the required foundation for what lies ahead, the case studies

The Value of Case Studies

The technical and aesthetic real world scenarios that a well described case study can make me appreciate the rest of the ebook that much more; the rest of the ebook is entirely case studies, 10 in total. What I responded to in this ebook is how much detail was put into each case. They were very well thought out, and address many technical and artistic challenges that can be faced in the field. In that sense this application of the Case Study is a great blend of “Craft” and “Vision”. Many of them also include exercises for you to carry out and continue your learning. The topics covered are:

  • Using the histogram to determine correct exposure
  • Getting Everything in focus
  • Depth of field
  • Freezing Motion
  • Blurring Motion
  • Pushing the ISO
  • Highlight Recovery and exposing to the right
  • Including the sun in the frame
  • Spot metering and the zone system
  • HDR and exposure blending

My Recommendations:

I think this ebook is great for anyone wanting to learn more about controlling exposure in general, and especially for outdoor related photography. The writers tone strikes a good blend between the technical aspects of this kind of information, with the real world realities in its implementation.

This ebook is a good match for you if any aspect of the Exposure Triangle or any of the case study topics makes you curious, or if you feel you want to learn more about them.

The only readers where the overall value of the book isn’t as high is for those that have a very firm grasp on exposure control, and have some experience shooting outdoors. The case studies will most likely offer some value, but that will depend on each photographers experience.

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